• About the company

  • Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya Limited Liability Company was formed on base of the All-Union Scientific-and-Research Institution for Surfactants, town Shebekino, region Belgorod. The company has successfully worked in the market since 1991. The main activity branch of Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimia, LLC, is focused on developing, manufacture of technical detergents, reactants for oil-field chemistry antifoamers for various industry branches, household chemistry products, technical coolant lubricants, wax compositions, etc.

    Engineers of the Company successfully work on widening the assortment and the quality of products manufactured. At manufacturing the products, the most advanced technology and components as well as world experience in production and use of the preparation has been used. Liquid detergents manufactured by Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya, LLC, are water soluble, non-toxic, explode-safe liquids supplied to customers in form of concentrates that can be dissolved on-site (in situ) with usual (also with cold) water. The offered washing preparations do not contain phosphate components so the full transition to their use excludes getting phosphates to waste waters.

    Oil-field reactants have been successfully used in oil deposits of Russia, CIS-countries and other foreign countries.

    Shebekinskaya Industrialnaya Khimiya, LLC, possess own modern high-tech production facility, storages for raw materials and finished products, and also in the provinces, a QС department.

    A department for technology and prospective developments is a central unit of the company focusing on the development of preparations. It is fitted with modern analytical equipment which allows elaborating unique formulations having no equivalents.